Robert Gilbert is a graphic designer, digital artist and educator. He grew up in Santa Barbara, California, raised in a house that his father build in the hills above the city, where rows of olive trees from Spanish plantations still grow. The Spanish colonial nature of the town, its colors and rustic surfaces were a strong influence to his early work as a painter. He graduated from the Otis Parson’s Art Institute in Los Angeles and received a masters degree from California State University at Los Angeles. After working in such diverse design environments as the entertainment, health, and garment industries in Los Angeles, he spent three years working and teaching communication design in Athens, Greece. He returned and continued to teach and work as a designer. He’s experience ranges from advertising to publication and he works to refine a visual approach that combines the surprise of commercialism within fine art design. He is a associate professor at Texas State University, Pan American, working in the boarder region of south Texas. His personal work merges writing and the digital image, employing the concept of a personal mythology.

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